ann robertson
quilt artist

A work of art is the unique expression of the artist's experience and inclination.

When I was ten or eleven I learned to sew doll clothes using remnants from the outlet stores of the textile mills in the Merrimack River valley in northern Massachusetts. By thirteen I was buying yard goods at 29 cents a yard with babysitting money to make clothes for myself. In high school, I made my own prom gown, and later my wedding dress, and still later kids' clothes. Since then I have traveled the world and sewed with fabrics collected from wherever I lived. With such a great scrap box, I began quilting in 1995.

My first quilts were traditional in design, and I always enjoy working the old patterns in new fabrics. Before long I realized that quilting the fibers in nontraditional patterns would allow an open-ended expression of my experience and inclination. Thus many of my pieces are wall hangings, or art quilts, instead of bed quilts.

Inspiration comes from photos, pictures, books, scenes, and most of all from the look and feel of the fibers themselves. Some quilts are machine quilted; others are hand quilted. Some contain modern cottons; others use antique Japanese silks from kimonos.

For more information on quilts available for sale, or on new quilt orders, please e-mail me at robertsonca@gmail.com